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Today we travel for DreamHack Summer 2017 in Jönköping, Sweden. And we'll start out tomorrow 13.00 by facing the current #1 team in the world, SK Gaming, in our first group match!

The expectations to the placement in the tournament is low due to newly roster changes, but we'll give it a 100% and hopefully we can upset some Brazilians! It's a first time for the hole team playing the mainstage at DHS, so we'll take it as a once in a lifetime experience and hopefully we'll overperform and show our true skillset! ;-)

"Counter Logic Gaming and Team Singularity secure placements at the LAN finals following victories in the grand finals of the NA and EU closed qualifiers.

Counter Logic Gaming and Team Singularity round up the list of teams to participate at the LAN finals of DreamHack Summer 2017. The two teams managed to outshine all of their opponents throughout the North American and European closed qualifiers for the event, securing first place amongst them. They will now prepare for the event taking place on June 17th-19th at the Elmia Convention Centre in Jönköping, Sweden. All eight participants will battle it out for bragging rights, on top of a sizeable $100,000 prize pool.

Team Singularity, only gave up a single map over their run in the qualifier. Kicking off against ajukreizi, the team made fast work of the Danes with a 16:8 score on de_Mirage and a 16:7 win on de_Overpass. Next up was a more well-known opponent in Poland PRIDE, a team that was able to produce a bit more fight against Singularity. The first map, de_Cache saw overtime after the teams managed to secure a 12:3 half each. In overtime the Danes proved to be stronger, going 4:2 against the Poles. Closing out their semi-final match-up, Singularity scored 16:10 on de_Nuke, securing a placement in the grand final of the closed qualifier. In the grand final they would once again face a Danish roster, on this occasion it would be NaToSaphiX's Denmark Team123. De_Train was a gruelling experience for both teams, with Singularity coming out on top after a triple overtime at 25:21. Next up was de_Nuke, where Team123 proved to be too large a bit to swallow at 13:16. Concluding the series was de_Inferno, where Singularity smashed the opposition, winning with a 16:8 score."

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Inzta did a Danish interview with prior to going to Sweden, link:




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