B0bbzki leave of absence

Mon 11th Sep 2017 - 10:55am General

Due to personal matters B0bbzki has decided to take a leave of absence, and place himself on the bench for a while. This of course comes as sad news, but we hope B0bbzki will sort out everything, and comeback stronger on the other side.

This means we'll tryout Miran "Dumas" Matković who've played with everyone wihtin the team before. We already talked to Dumas some weeks ago regarding the possibility to standin if needed, and we're sure Dumas will do everything in his capacity to get the momentum going, bring some fresh ideas to the table and help us grind the ladder once again.

We got two crucial matches to look forward to this week.

Today, September 11th
WCA 2017 Europe CQ: Team Singularity vs. Pride

Tomorrow, September 12th
Mother Russia 1xBet LB Final: Team Singularity vs. Tricked eSports

Miran 'Dumas' Matković
Miran "Dumas" Matković



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