Bequipe and Singularity Announce Partnership For Kaliento Handwarmers!

Thu 7th Dec 2017 - 9:59pm

Ever since esports came to light, it has only brought forward more innovation and inventions that has further enhanced the playing grounds of one of the hottest forms of competition in 2017. After first meeting with Bequipe Gaming, Singularity was amazed by one of their more well-known products, "Kaliento." After having many of the staff at Singularity have a go at it while gaming, we are bewildered with excitement behind the design and purpose of what may be considered a small issue in esports. For Bequipe to focus on such a niche market, they truly have made the most of their product designs with the unleashment of Kaliento.

For those who do not know what Kaliento is, it's a handwarmer used to cool your hands while gaming. A rechargable and electronic device, its technological advances provide one of the most stable and impressive products to hit the esports market today. Used in ESL tournaments and many other esports tournaments, it features many qualities that might impose you to buy one:

  • Electronic gaming hand warmer
  • Up to 8hrs battery life
  • 4 heating modes
  • LED screen
  • USB connectivity

You can buy one at the following link! To inquire with Bequipe Gaming, they have a Twitter page you can talk to them at.

Here are the following statements from our pleased CEO:

Kaliento is a product that was introduced to us during our League of Legends team stay at Paris Games Week this fall. Not only did the players really enjoy the product they were also able to keep warm and stay fully charged! We were so happy with this that we tested it among players and friends last week in DreamHack Winter and the reception was all positive, so it gives us the greatest pleasure to announce that we will partner up with BeQuipe and this great product to help gamers with cold hands get a new and easy fix, which can also be used as a handy powerbank!

Alte Stehouwer, CEO




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