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Russian Forces have been crowned champions of WESG 2017's Female tournament after defeating LLG 2-1 in the grand final.



The title decider of the $170,000 tournament saw Russian Forces take on LLG at the expensive of the likes of Those Damn Canadians, Sweden fe and Keyd Stars fe.


The series kicked off on Russian Forces' map pick, Inferno, with Alyona "Candy" Kuvaeva and co. getting off to a flying start as they won the first six rounds of the game. The Chinese side replied by winning two of the next four rounds, but a strong defence from Russian Forces saw them grab a dominant 13-2 half-time lead.


LLG did not want to throw in the towel and came from the break ready to turn things around, losing only one of the first seven rounds. Still, the Russians did not let the game slip away and eventually locked down the map.


CANDY and co. finish first at WESG 2017 World Finals Female

Candy wins WESG with Team Russia, is she the best female player in the world?


Next up was Cobblestone, LLG's map pick. The Chinese team started opened things up with a successful CT pistol, but Russian Forces immediately responded with a five-round winning streak. However, LLG conceded just one more round until the break as they stormed to a 9-6 lead. 


LLG further added to their lead in the second half, winning five of the first six rounds to increase their lead to 14-7. Russian Forces still managed to reduce the deficit to 12-14, but, with DongMei "KARMY" Fang leading the way for her team, LLG won the map to take the series to Mirage.


The decider map began with Russian Forces securing a quick 7-2 lead. LLG grew as the game wore on and switched sides with a one-round lead, but they were constantly on the back foot in the second half and simply could not find a way past the Russians' defence, with Ksenia "vilga" Kluenkova's side giving up just one round on the CT side.




 Russian Forces K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Russia Ksenia 'vilga' Kluenkova 57 - 45 +12 82.9 1.25
Russia Alyona 'Candy' Kuvaeva 60 - 45 +15 78.8 1.21
Russia Anastasia 'Nast1a' Evdokina 58 - 53 +5 85.5 1.18
Russia Alyona 'Ailey' Bordukova 47 - 52 -5 72.6 1.01
Russia Anna 'Ant1ka' Ananikova 46 - 47 -1 61.8 0.93
 LLG K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
China DongMei 'KARMY' Fang 51 - 53 -2 74.2 1.03
Hong Kong SinMan 'Hazel' Fong 47 - 55 -8 71.5 0.99
China Meng 'simmo' Zhang 52 - 54 -2 78.6 0.97
China Ting '129' Yang 44 - 51 -7 65.8 0.89
China Xiao '720' Zhao 48 - 58 -10 62.7 0.89



WESG 2017 World Finals Female final standings:

1. Russia Russian Forces - $100,000
2. China LLG - $40,000
3. Canada Those Damn Canadians - $20,000
4. Sweden Sweden fe - $10,000
5-6. China Etab
5-6. Brazil Keyd Stars fe
7-8. France LEGO
7-8. Singapore Asterisk fe




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