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Wed 15th Aug 2018 - 1:00pm Gaming

Team Singularity - Fortnite announcement DK

Team Singularity has signed the danish Fortnite duo consisting of Nicolai ”DucHH” Duch-Pedersen and Sebastian “Trippern” Sommer Kjær. We expect great things from both players, and we are happy to join their journey towards the top of the EU scene.

Nicolai ”DucHH” Duch-Pedersen was together with us at Dreamhack Summer #18, where he played together with Sebastian “Ramses” Ramsbøl under the Team Singularity banner. DHS18 was a test for both parties, and after returning from the event in mid June the duo split up, and in early August we decided to team up with DucHH and his new duo partner Trippern, to take an early leap into the EU Fortnite scene.

“I’m looking forward to work together with the two young Danish talents, and I hope we can achieve greatness together. I’ve been in close talks with the families behind the players and it’s a pleasure to know that both players come with full support from their families, that’s fully committed to help the boys on the journey they’re about to start. I’m happy to welcome them to the SNG family, and I believe we can provide a good home for the players to develop their talent”. Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO, Team Singularity

Nicolai ”DucHH” Duch-Pedersen

Sebastian “Trippern” Sommer Kjær







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