SNG.PUBG Qualified for GLL S3 Alpha division

Fri 7th Sep 2018 - 4:00pm Gaming

Earlier this week we qualified for the Promotionals, now we won the Promotionals1 group and qualified for the GLL S3 Alpha division.

GGWP team!

During the regular season a total of 48 teams from 3 regions (EU, CIS & Americas) will duke it out over a span of 6 weeks divided into 2 divisions: Alpha & Bravo where Alpha being the top division and the Bravo being the second.

Each week, the Bottom 6 teams from the Alpha Division move to the Bravo Division and the Top 6 from Bravo Division move to the Alpha Division.

At the end of the season the Top 3 CIS teams, Top 7 EU teams, and Top 6 Americas teams advance through to the LAN Grand Finals.

1-12 placement after season automatically advance to GLL Alpha
13-36 will compete in GLL Promotionals
37-48 will have to re-qualify through the open qualifiers

Remember to follow our PUBG squad in their journey towards glory and fame:
*4th player TBA





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