Expanding into League of Legends - Welcome to the new team!

Mon 24th Apr 2017 - 8:31pm Gaming

We're happy finally to be able to announce our League of Legends team, and we're looking forward to represent Denmark at future League of Legends events.

1st stop is the Challenger Series Open Qualifier, starting this week, and we hope to reach the final, so we're secured advancing to the Closed Qualifier in May!

Read the full story at, link:åbner-lol-hold


Peter Thomsen
Position on the team:Toplane
Age: 22
Country: Danmark
City: København

Name: Arttu "Taikki" Sirkka
Position on the team: Jungler
Age: 23
Country: Finland
City: Hämeenlinna


Dan Van Vo
Position on the team: Midlane
Age: 22
Country: Danmark
City: Aalborg


Full name:
Sander Jeroen Everink
Position on the team: ADC
Age: 22
Country: The Netherlands
City: Groningen


Daniel Wendelbo Ernst
Position on the team: Support
Age: 18
Country: Danmark
City: Aarhus

The team was announced in a collaboration with Red Bull DK and Red Bull Esports.


Bracket for EUCS Open Qualifiers.




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