Team Singularity CS:GO update

Wed 4th Oct 2017 - 10:00pm Gaming

Dipparn on the bench, B0bbzki is back for good and Dumas is officially joining the team!

It has been a hectic month with results going up and down. We have been working hard towards fixing bad old habits, and getting everything structured so the team can develop consistently over the coming period.

B0bbzki is back within the team for good, and has been looking really strong after he has come back with a clear mind.

Miran ‘Dumas’ Matkovic has been on trial the last month, and we have been very pleased with everything he has proven. Therefore we are happy to announce that he will officially join the team, and have signed a contract similar to the other players within the team.

This means we are currently 6 players in our roster, and we have decided to bench Dennis ‘Dipparn’ Muslijevic who is free to tryout for other teams.

Anton 'AntO_oNNN!' Van Gorp our CS:GO analyst is transitioning into a head coaching role, and will keep helping the team prepare for all the upcoming official online/LAN matches.

The team just arrived in Husum, ready for the NGC Masters tournament that starts tomorrow where we are in group A with ALTERNATE aTTaX, North ACD and Final-Gaming.
We will face North ACD in the first match which is set to be played 13:00 tomorrow!




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