New Year, New Me part III

Sun 5th Mar 2017 - 1:39pm Gaming

Today DK’s best Overwatch team joins our ranks! They’re formerly known as Grand Danois, and have been around the world top 30 for some time now.
We welcome them under our banner and going forward they’ll be playing as Team Singularity Ninjas.

Since the team is already solid in the EU top 10, the goal for Team Singularity Ninjas is world top 10 in 2017, and we’re looking forward providing the team with the necessary means to accomplish the goal.


“We are thrilled to be joining Team Singularity after looking more than a month for a suitable home. Playing under a new home comes with great opportunity, but also with a new responsibility - it comes with high expectations and therefore I'm happy that we have formed a team of such experienced and proven players with great synergy to deliver. Together with Singularity, we plan to become a top contender for the year. We've already progressed a lot in our early practice and I only see us improving as the year progresses.” - Team Manager, David "DrunKin" Pella.




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