Team Singularity Gorillaz & Ninjas

Mon 6th Mar 2017 - 12:13pm Gaming

We've acquired the two best danish Overwatch teams, and we're looking forward to representing DK on the international mainstage of Overwatch! Both teams have great potential to grow, and we're happy to provide a home for them, and help them grow their talents into a bright esport future!

Overwatch rosters:

Team Singularity Ninjas:
Kristian ”Kellex” Keller
Andreas ”Lind” Lindblad
Mikkel ”Mandetrodser” Halle
Daniel ”Danii” Lindblad
Gustav ”Nerfdd” Guldager
Christian “Lelouch” Gyldenløv

Team Singularity Gorillaz:
Victor 'Scaler' Godsk
Philip 'Kragie' Krag
Johannes 'Shax' Nielsen
Sebastian 'Sindustries' McCallum
Nicolai 'Cizti' Jensen
Casper 'PaghMinister' Larsen




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