Welcome Zescht to Team Singularity's Media Team!

Thu 18th Jan 2018 - 3:35pm Gaming General


With the addition of BARBARR, RuStY, and HugoXD to our lineup, Singularity now fields a roster to compete in the next season of ESEA's Mountain Dew League (MDL S27). This will be a great opportunity for fans and newcomers to the Singularity brand to see what our new lineup will have to offer in the upcoming future. Singularity will be looking to gain broadcasting rights to cast all Singularity matches for ESEA MDL S27 for all of our fans to watch the CS:GO team in action. 

We hope that with being given the privilege to broadcast high quality Counter-Strike, we can also provide high quality production in addition. To do that, we have added Vincent "Zescht" Talmon-Gros as part of the media team. Zescht provides a great knowledge of the game, and his voice will become the pinnacle of all Singularity broadcasts for the upcoming ESEA season. He has a wide range of experience, working as a stage host, caster and interviewer for various organizations and events in CS:GO. His experience will provide quality enjoyment for viewers at home who want to root for the Swedish squad as they hope to qualify for the ESL Pro League next season. 

Please send your warmest welcomes to Zescht! You can find him at his Twitter if you'd like to send him some voices of encouragement and thanks!

Singularity will be broadcasting all their ESEA Matches at this Twitch link, so please leave a follow and stay tuned for future updates!


Here are a few words from Zescht and Singularity:

"I'm happy to be part of the Singularity crew. It's great to follow the team around, see their progress and go through all those exciting moments together!"

Vincent "Zescht" Talmon-Gros, Media Department and Caster


"We are always looking to find different ways to entertain our fans and to offer them as much as possible from our teams! Having Zescht as the newest addition to our talent squad will offer the viewers of our ESEA games an unique perspective on the game casted by a promising and young talent! I am looking forward for season 27 of ESEA to start and to be able to enjoy Singularity's games!"

Atle Stehouwer, CEO


"As from the entertainment point of view, Zescht is a great addition to our team! I strongly believe in his casting talent and his entertaining ways of creating a nice atmosphere around the CS:GO games!"

Matei Andrei, Social Media Manager


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