Singularity signs Rocket League team!

Wed 7th Mar 2018 - 5:27pm Gaming General

We are happy to announce the signing of our first Rocket League team! We have been searching lately for a roster that can represent Singularity and that can grow under the organizations name and we finally did! Today we present you a young, talented team with a great drive and motivation towards improving and getting to the top!


Here are the statements of Team Captain and Team Singularity:


”Rocket league is an amazing game that’s been a staple part of the Esports scene and it only feels natural that we pursued a team that fits our ideals and ambitions! We’re excited and eager to make our mark on the scene and hope that this is the start of an amazing journey for both parties!”

- Vanjo Chan, Singularity Senior Manager


"My teammates and I are very excited to be Singularity's first Rocket League team! As far as our goals, we are grinding to get consistent enough to be able to play in the RLRS/RLCS, we want to evolve as a team and as friends. We will be putting in as many hours as we can to get to the top! As we have just picked up our new 3rd and already got such great results I have no doubt that better results will come our way. My teammates and I are looking forward for what there is to come and we hope to make everyone at Singularity proud!”

- Karahan "Daswa" Verschuren, Team Captain



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