CS:GO Roster Update!

Tue 29th May 2018 - 11:33am General Gaming

As it has been noticed lately, HugoXD was replaced by znajder in the active CS:GO roster. Coach Anton Van Gorp and Team Captain André Möller explain the situation:

"First of all I want to thank HugoXD for his enthusiasm, passion and dedication during his time in the active line-up of Team Singularity. He is a great person and a great player which makes this change even harder.However HugoXD is going through rough times and so does the team and we felt that the team needed a change and a more experienced player to get on a higher level where we want to compete at. That's why we brought in znajder. As for now he has been trialling with us for the last 2 weeks & will continue to trial in the coming week(s) with important qualifiers coming up such as the Zotac Closed Qualifier & the Minor Open Qualifier(s). HugoXD will be taking a place at the bench alongside Sayf, we will re-evaluate their future when we find it necessary depending on the results in the coming weeks/months."

- Anton "AntO_oNNN" Van Gorp


"This is a needed change in our goal to compete on a stable Top30 level. Hugo had a very rough year and has been given some time off to get back on his feet again. During this period of time znajder will fill in. What I expect from Andreas is that he will bring a winning-attitude and a huge amount of experience. During these 2 weeks he has been showing both."

- André "BARBARR" Möller


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