SNG.CSGO Spanish Academy Update

Mon 10th Sep 2018 - 8:00pm General Gaming

Welcome to zdinch, Zelax and tatuM

Earlier this month it was decided to switch a number of players in our Spanish CSGO academy roster to create sustainable team with equal motivation and skills.

The new players are:
Rafael “zdinch” Quiles Del Rio
Alejandro “Zelax” Muñoz Caravaca

Alberto “tatuM” Mas Gomis

We look forward to see the ‘new’ team achieve their goals together, and we look forward to provide a proper framework for their development.

Name: Rafael Quiles Del Rio

Nick name: zdinch


Name: Alejandro Muñoz Caravaca

Nick name: Zelaxñoz-1836735569777124/


Name: Alberto Mas Gomis

Nick name: tatuM

The new players are replacing the following players in the active roster:
Alvaro “meco” Meco Ruiz

Juan “SK8" José

Nico “Kayz” Samos Garcia

We wish all the players the best in their future career and hope that our paths may cross once again in the future.

Come as a player, stay as family!




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