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Fri 16th Jun 2017 - 1:19pm General

Team Singularity are pleased to announce the recent acquisition and appointing of Ben ‘whatsgood’ Goulding as Overwatch Team Manager & Coach. This change is in light of the organisations rapid growth where it is now required for David ‘Drunkin’ Pella to solely focus on the Dota 2 squad.

A big part of our Team Singularity Ninja players are on the national Danish team going to OW World Cup, which will feature Philip 'Kragie' Krag, who moved himself from the disbanded Gorillaz and straight into the Ninjas. We've decided to extend our contract with Kragie and he has successfully joined the Team Singularity Ninjas team, replacing Krytox in the active roster. He is a star Hitscan who has made an instant impact amongst the team!

Going forward you can just call our Overwatch team for Team Singularity, without the Ninjas, since we no longer have two teams to share our name, and there's plenty of Ninjas already out there in the world of esports!

I will not be longer on the active overwatch roster as manager for the boys. I've had such a good time with the boys and there is gonna be an event where I'll meet them all again. I'm giving the boys into good hands, whatsgood will be taking care of them. The reason behind it is simple, we have signed a dota2 team a month ago and due to offline events I can't split myself into two parts and it makes more sense to send their coach and new manager whatsgood to such events. I've grown up with wc3 / dota / dota2 and this is where my roots are. I will nonetheless be there for the boys as a good friend but my main focus is dota2.”

We’ve also heard from Support player Kellex; We're super stoked having whatsgood manage us now, we love getting a British lad on our team and we can't wait to crack open a cold one with whatsgood at lan.”

All focus is on Overwatch Contenders and the team is hard at work preparing for Saturdays Group Stages. Organisation CEO ‘Atle’ had the following to say: “I’m happy that we’ve finally found a team manager that can work as both TM and coach, because it’s needed at the point we’re at, and to keep developing the team and organization”





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