Kvestina joins the stream team!

Sat 21st Oct 2017 - 12:21pm General Gaming

Hi and welcome to the #SNGARMY family! Let’s start by telling us a little bit about yourself!

Tina Lyra, my journey of livestreaming started the moment I made a friend with Fiber internet connection back in 2012. I paved my way up to Platinum 1 before 10 hours of grinding a day got to my wrist health - and I had to chill. The dream of playing professionally at LCS died down. Not long after - I became a master in Arms races in CS:Go. I'd challenge my viewers to the golden knife and slay them one by one. This CS:Go Arms race career was short felt, as there is no real bracket for this and I had
bigger visions for myself.


 I went into World of Warcraft, became a fire-mage PVPer (/cough, when it was meta), and became known for
 having a ridiculous add on that popped up on my screen and shouted "KILLING BLOW" in the deepest
 narrated voice, each and every time I got a KB in RBGS. Fast forward to half a year ago - my killing blow spark faded   and I was left with an open field of passion to be filled. My friend suggested Dota 2 to me - as it was highly   uncapitalized in the streaming scene - and after my first gaming session - I was suddenly painting the characters on   my face. Drow Ranger, then Lina, then CM, then Naga Siren?! I got front paged on Dota 2 Reddit every time I had a   new creation - and I realized my creative perception was
 made for this.


 These days I am making body paints, prosthetics, and makeups of all the different game and comic characters -
 as well as Cosplaying, whereas I did my first for TI7 that got me Top 15! Other than the artistic and gaming side to   me - I have a PHD in Savageness, so if you stop by my stream, do not test me. Or do... smile

Amazing… Can we look forward to more cosplaying outside of those games? I hear Lightning from Final fantasy is quite popular...

These days, I cosplay anything from the films, to seasons, paintings, and people, as well as characters from old games and new games. I do a look almost every day - so there is tons of room and space for all the characters!

Do you feel that there are any challenges at all to streaming? I mean what made you even want to start!


There's plenty of challenges to streaming, it's a field where you won't be understood very well by family and friends, so I'd really encourage anyone starting, to make streamer friends!
Although I would say, just starting at all and putting yourself out there, is a massive edge in itself. The biggest mistake I see everyone wanting to start off making, is spending a lot of mindspace on tech and design, when the biggest leap is just pressing that GO LIVE button and radiate your own personal energy and

Beauty and brains!... So do you feel the most rewarding part about streaming is the connection you make with your viewers? Doesn't the fact that more competition from streaming platforms like youtube and facebook hinder your ability to connect to a more variety of people?

The most rewarding part of streaming is definitely getting the benefit of creating a circle finetuned to you and how you are, and having people love you for you, and spending their time with you in your channels vibe. It's not just nicknames and numbers, these are actual people, hanging out, and that is truly a precious thing about
being in this day and age. I wouldn't say anything hinders you as long as you have something unique to offer, and you're doing something
original with full force, although I am looking to expand to YouTube this year

What we can look forward to next, or maybe even collaborations?
What's next! Well, I have a lot of Dota 2 interpretations yet to be released, as well as anything from optical illusions to any game character my viewers vote for or suggest - and I am attending more events, like this years Twitchcon! Hopefully most of my influencer friends let's me halloweenify their faces wink

Any shout-outs?... maybe we can halloweenify Atle and other members of the team!
Haha! Pitching me to do his makeup, just holla at me @Atle! I'd like to shout out my entire community that continously supports and leaves comments on my work, I see it
all and it makes my heart smile. I'd also like to thank all of Singularity and Atle for the homely welcoming and immediate trust. We can be great - looking very much forward to what awaits in the near future! And to anyone following Singularity, feel free to leave a comment of what you would like my next cosplay look to be, as I will be hanging out in the comment section!



Thank you again for joining the team and we can't wait to see more from you! Please remember to follow her!












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  • Wow... she looks nice and i welcome her to the team. I would like to writeessays on this game if i can find a little more information.
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  • I liked the picture you share on of the gamers. That is looking too cool in his attire and the Michel is also complimenting him. The game is looking quite cool and impressive and hopes it will be fun to play the game one it will be out. Thanks for sharing the teaser.

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