Welcoming Tessin as the streaming manager!

Fri 27th Oct 2017 - 3:15pm General Gaming


Team Singularity Statement,

"I am delighted that Nicklas has joined the #SNGARMY as the streaming manager purely because of his experience and outstanding personality as well as winning attitude that he gained from his time at Tempo Storm. He brings invaluable stability and added structure to our newly established streaming team and we are eagerly looking forward to seeing what he can do. What we DO know is that he is a multiple tournament winner and that alone should be enough to impress anyone, welcome to the family!"

Vanjo Chan, Senior Manager

Nicklas 'Tessin' Christensen Statement,

"Back on track!!! Like some of you allready know from my stream, I'm joining Team Singularity. Even though I'm a Hearthstone player I will focus a lot on Twitch and streaming as their new Streaming Manager. That also means I'm streaming atleast 4 times a week and will focus most of the time on my streaming career! Thank you all for the support everyone and I'm extremely excited for a bright future with Team Singularity! #SNGArmy"


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