#SNGArmy Enters TEKKEN 7 w/ Blackbeard!

Mon 4th Dec 2017 - 11:48pm General Gaming

Today, we welcome a new player to the ranks of Singularity, Adnanish! Also known as Blackbeard, he represented Denmark and Europe at the Tekken World Tour Finals 2017, placing 9-12th and winning the Europe Regional Finals beforehand. As one of the top prospects of Europe, it is glad to announce that another Dane will be joining the ranks of Team Singularity.

As for TEKKEN 7, it has been a fighting game on the rise and one that has been on the Singularity radar for a while. While esports makes it rise towards the end of 2017, fighting games (specifically) have taken a huge step forward with developers like Namco fully supporting their respective esports scenes and creating opportunities for gamers to make a living off of their dream.

Singularity is fully on board with this, and it was only logical to enter a game like TEKKEN 7 and sign Blackbeard. Let's march on and become one of the hottest names in TEKKEN 7!


Statement from Team Singularity:

It has been clear after extensive research into the current TEKKEN scene that Adnan is a hardworking and incredible player that is well liked within the scene. It has always been positive as soon as we began talking. We knew he was the perfect fit and it was a no brainer as he was in tune with what our ideologies and goals were. It is extremely exciting to see what he can be capable of with our full support as he looks for his international title!

Vanjo Chan, Senior Manager


A few words from the man himself, Blackbeard:

"I'm very thrilled to announce that I'm now a player and member of Team Singularity. They have achieved so much within short time in PC gaming and now its time to rock 2018 in Tekken 7! LEGGO!"




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