Singularity announce partnership with Good Game E-sports Center!

Thu 14th Dec 2017 - 1:06pm General Gaming

Singularity is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Good Game. Good Game provides an Esports Center in Denmark that allows up and coming esports players to hone their skills at the state of the art gaming facility in Frederiksbjerg (Copenhagen), and will become the main training center for the Singularity Esports divisions.

At Singularity, this is a very exclusive opportunity that should be taken with gratitutde. The tools provided at the facility are of the best quality possible and are sure to grant our players the ability to take their game to the next level. Singularity has hosted esports divisions in CS:GO, Hearthstone, DotA 2, Brawlhalla, Overwatch, PUBG, Call of Duty, Heroes of the Storm, and more. Hopefully, with this opportunity, Singularity will be able to scout for more up and coming Danish talent thanks to Good Game's Esports Center.

Good Game Esports Center offers the best gaming facilities an enticing setting for a developing eSport and network culture. With an uncompromising approach, efforts are being made to create and be a reference point for offering eSport based on our 600 sqm center in Frederiksberg. The Good Game Esports Center offers 100 high-end gaming machines, relaxing console lounges, a custom built streaming podium with state of the art components, and an ever-evolving VR concept in a separate VR section. 

With the partnership of Good Game Esports Center, Singularity will be aiming to return the favor. In return for the partnership, Singularity will be working closely with Good Game to market towards a select target audience and create a thriving community at Good Game Esports Center. Together, with the provided aspects of a training facility, Singularity hopes to scout talent, host bootcamps, competitions, and many events in the future. If you are interested in being apart of this new community, please contact Singularity or Good Game Esports Center below.

Today we are happy to announce a strong partnership with Good Game Esports Center. Good Game's grand opening will happen today at 18:00, and there’s many good reasons to drop by and check out the awesome esport facilities Good Game has created in Copenhagen. As of today, Team Singularity will use the Good Game facilities for many activities in addition to being our Copenhagen HQ. In 2018, Team Singularity will be hosting events, tournaments, and bootcamps that will revolve around using the Good Game facilities.

Team Singularity will assist Good Game in marketing and acquiring customers interested in the facilities, and hopes to help the Good Game brand to get a name on the Danish esport scene. Team Singularity stands for the development and operation of a semi-pro team that can represent the Good Game brand in the future. The first thing we’ll do is to scout a Danish CS:GO team who can use Good Game's facilities as a base and simultaneously spread the Good Game name and brand in the Danish CS:GO scene.

Alte Stehouwer, CEO

Good Game Esports Center




Dirch Passers Alle 19, 2000 Frederiksberg








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