Singularity LoL Reflects on Their LCD Championship Run (Interview)

Thu 28th Dec 2017 - 6:58pm General Gaming

Coming into the League Championship of Denmark (LCD), Team Singularity were arguably the favorites to win the tournament. Ever since the team’s signing in July of 2017, the roster had been through a period of initial success, and had been following a bag of mixed results before playing in the first inaugural event of the LCD. Having won Cross Border Esport 2017, GameOn 2017, and NPF 2017, the team knew that they had a chance to win this league. While their past results included mixed results in the ESL UK and Polska online leagues, they knew that they were the favorites to win the event.  


The Singularity LoL Roster @ GameOn and Cross Border Esport 2017)


Of course, this wasn’t the same Singularity roster for the Danish league, having made accommodations to meet the requirements of playing in the Danish league. The roster itself knew of their own high expectations, even with the two new additions to the roster. “We obviously knew from the beginning of the Danish split that we were the strongest team on paper,” remarked team manager Frederik ”Zeus” Holst after looking back at their strong regular season. In reality, this roster hadn’t practiced for very long. One of the two new additions, Oscar "Rolighed" Rolighed, remarked that, “[with me and Findfinn,] we had played together for only like 15 games, but our individual experience and skill level made it easy to mesh with the other players on the team.


While obviously being the favorites to be crowned champions, other logistic issues forced the team to reach their championship in a rocky way. Behind the scenes, one of Singularity’s members, had the left team abruptly. “Sezzer left the team to play in a Greek league, about 1 month before playoffs. Having a new jungler can be very hard for a team, if you don’t have time to synergize and learn each other’s playstyles.” While the abrupt change took a while to mesh with the new jungler, Rolighed stressed that it took very little time for each player to find their role in the team. In addition to this loss, Holst recounted numerous scrim conflicts, as other players on the Singularity roster had been trying out for other teams in separate leagues.


Jonatan "SezzeR" Villebro left to pursue ventures in the Greek LoL League


After a smooth sailing to finish the regular season, Singularity had been seeded as the first seed into the playoffs. That didn’t stop them from receiving a rude awakening in the playoffs, as they found themselves down in a 0-2 deficit and facing early elimination by Supernova Red in the playoffs. Holst himself was amazed by the mentality of Supernova during the bo5 semifinal match. “Supernova had nothing to loose coming in as dark horse they were playing with no fear, which showcased in their ability to execute a good gameplan in shutting down our midlaner.” In a miraculous comeback, the Singularity LoL roster had composed themselves and found the mentality and playstyle to counter Supernova’s aggressive teamfight initations. Rolighed and the team had underestimated their opponents, but were nowhere near giving up so easily. “Before game 3, we had a small motivational speech from Grisen, and we all knew that if we played our best, there was no way we could lose. As we haven’t played together for long, our team-fighting/tower-diving synergy wasn’t perfect to be exact. The way we won the last games were basically through shot-calling and playing the map, which is what we do best.” Singularity pulled off the phenomenal reverse-sweep, and were off to finish their journey in the grand finals against Roligan Esports.


Coming into the grand finals, one would come to believe that Roligan Esports would have been the harder opponent, having swiftly defeated their semifinal opponent in easy fashion, but that wasn’t the case for Singularity and their members. In comparison to Roligan, Holst had noted how they were familiar with Roligan’s playstyle, while Rolighed had considered Roligan’s  midlaner “Raxon” to be a crucial factor in Roligan’s sole map win in the grand finals. “The game we dropped he had an insane game on Taliyah, and he basically won the game alone with his roaming/pressure on the map, which he managed to keep up throughout the entire game.” The game plan shutting down Roligan came after a costly mistake in letting down Raxon’s Taliyah through the draft phase. After dropping their only map in the grand finals, Singularity started focusing Roligan’s mid-laner and jungler during the mid/late-game and initial pick/ban draft phase. Thanks to their strong teamplay, Singularity had completely shut down Roligan to take the grand finals and 1st place prize in a dominant 3-1 scoreline.



Looking back at the event for LCD, there was nothing but positive remarks to the slick execution by the league. While the league, at first, had miscommunication and quality issues, things got smoother towards the league both on the production and structural side. Holst and Rolighed both pointed towards the organizing and primarily on production, with Rolighed commenting, “The production value (Under 60 fps stream, not HD quality) and casters were not always the best, but I can imagine that there isn’t really a budget for those kind of things currently. We still want to thank everyone who helped hosting the league, for their effort!


In regards to the future of the Team Singularity Roster, they will be looking to repeat as the champions of the LCD in its second iteration. Moving forward, should this win mean a spot in the EU CS Spring Qualifiers 2018 (hosted by Riot), Singularity would take pride in their ability to showcase their talent and reach the top.


It would be a huge honor representing Denmark in a Riot League. If we were chosen as representatives you can surely expect us to put up a great show in such a prestigious tournament.


Frederik ”Zeus” Holst


I think that our results speak for itself, showing that we are currently the best team in Denmark. Riot organized tournaments are often very professional, and every League player dreams to play in a Riot-hosted event. So, being able to have a spot to play in one of their events would be amazing!


Oscar "Rolighed" Rolighed


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