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Wed 17th Jan 2018 - 7:33pm General Gaming

"2017 has been a roller coaster for our CS:GO division, we won CPH Games and parted ways with the winning roster two months later. In august we signed the Gatekeepers roster, and throughout the last period of 2017 we made a lot of minor roster changes to help the team find balance, and promote a continuous growth.

In November and December we parted ways with Linus “b0bbzki” Lundqvist, Robin “Robiin” Sjögren and Miran “Dumas” Matkovic, and we’ve been in search of finalizing a new Swedish roster since the start of December.

Today we’re happy to announce two new players for our CS:GO roster, André ”BARBARR” Möller and Hugo ”HugoXD” Hallgren. We believe both players have the quality and potential we’ve been searching for, and will help Team Singularity reach new heights! We’re currently trialling Alfred “RuStY” Karlsson to finalize our roster."

 Atle Stehouwer, Singularity CEO


"It has been a struggle throughout 2017 when I joined in July 2017 to get the Singularity line-up working. We had numerous line-up changes but in the end we couldn't make it work due to different reasons. Despite all the struggles I put in my best effort to get the team working.

Unfortunately when the personalities in the team are not fitting with each other it's incredibly hard and close to impossible to make a team work. As we decided to part ways with a few of our players we decided to stick with BENDJI & Sayf as we thought that would be the best move going forward in 2018.

It has been a struggle to find 3 Swedish players who can compete on a top level, luckily enough we came up with an incredibly young talent HUGO and at the same time we brought in the experience & leadership from Swedish CS veteran BARBARR. To finalize our roster we are trialling out RuStY to hopefully finalize the CS:GO roster sooner than later. The future looks incredibly bright for 2018 and I hope we can show our true potential in ESEA MDL and many other cups & qualifiers. I want to thank Singularity for sticking with us through rough times when rebuilding this team."

Anton "AntO_oNNN!" Van Gorp, Singularity CS:GO Headcoach/Analyst


"Happy to once again be a part of such a talented and ambitious squad. With hard and smart work I do think that we can be on the top30 at the end of this year. Personally I found motivation again to climb the ladder and know what it takes. Will do my absolute best to transfer my knowledge to the players at this possible last season of competitive CSGO for me."
André "BARBARR" Möller, Singularity IGL

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