Reflections on 2017, and Plans for Singularity in 2018: A Statement from the CEO

Sat 20th Jan 2018 - 5:14pm General Gaming


* Disclaimer: should be read while listening to “Drake: 0 to 100”


I want to thank everyone who’s been a part of our journey so far, and I’m looking forward to keep evolving the organization and provide results to be proud of as a fan, partner, sponsor, or team member of this organization.

In the start of 2017 we only had a CS:GO team, which had just disbanded in December, so we had just signed 3 new players. At the time, the future of this organization was very grim, and there was no telling of where Singularity would be at the end of this year. Regardless, in late February, we decided to go into more esports titles, and signed the two best Danish Overwatch teams, and as a Danish organization, we only scouted the best Danish talent out there.

Two months later, we won Copenhagen Games in both CS:GO and Overwatch, meanwhile our 2nd Overwatch team (Singularity Gorillaz) won Insomnia60 in UK at the same time.


Team Singularity's Danish CS:GO Squad after winning Copenhagen Games 2017 (credit: Top Mid Esports)


Team Singularity Gorillaz after their i60 victory (credit: insomnia)

Our CS:GO win at Copenhagen Games made a memorable jump of 102 ranks on the official top 30 world ranking list, and SNG was entering the list as rank #22 and peaking in rank #19 in the start of May. The progress we were making was fast, and we couldn’t believe how fast our organization was progressing in just a few months.

This added more fuel to the expansion plans in other esport titles, and shortly after, we entered both League of Legends and DotA 2. The League team secured a CSQ spot the first week and the Dota 2 team won the Zotac Masters qualifier and a ticket to the LAN finals in Taipei, Taiwan. Albeit, the CSQ spot was later on handed over to Tricked Esports who signed our League roster, ending our League adventure for a while.

In July we parted ways with our winning CS:GO roster, where the star player AnJ went to NRG and the other players went to Tricked Esports.
Over the summer, we signed a new Swedish CS:GO team. Somewhere around that time, our DotA 2 team were inches away from qualifying for The International 2017 through the EU qualifier. The Overwatch team qualified and played the inaugural Overwatch Contenders tournament, finishing 5th/6th, and secured a spot for the Overwatch Contenders Season 1.


Team Singularity's Overwatch Contenders Profile (credit: Blizzard and Overwatch Contenders)


After the summer, our Polish DotA 2 team joined Team Kinguin, and we had regained focus on CS:GO and League of Legends once again. The Overwatch team played Overwatch Contenders Season 1, but disbanded halfway through the season. To end the season, a mix team led by a original SNG player was called in to finish, and they ended 6th. Thanks to their efforts, this secured us a spot for the next coming EU Overwatch Contenders season. We cannot thank Kellex enough for his resolve to continue playing until the end of the season.


Kellex, formerly of Team Singularity Overwatch, now represents Boston Uprising in the Overwatch League

The new CS:GO team played a lot of tournaments both online and LAN, and kicked off by winning the CBE CQ, but when the results started dipping September, we made a lot of adjustments and small changes to the line-up. The adjustments made the team inconsistent in results, and towards the end of 2017, the team only had the success of qualifying for the ESEA MDL playoffs. After the playoffs the team, was close to disbanding, and after long consideration we decided in December only to keep Sayf and BENDJI for our 2018 roster. With them, we signed BARBARR, HugoXD, and RuStY (on trial) in hopes of a stronger roster to continue in the next edition of ESEA’s MDL League.

In the last quarter of 2017, we’ve expanded heavily both in management, partners and players. We’re currently over 70 people involved in Team Singularity, having teams and players in: CS:GO, League of Legends, DotA 2, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, PUBG, Hearthstone, Brawlhalla, TEKKEN and Call of Duty. We’ve also expanded with a streaming division which we’re looking forward to develop a lot in 2018. Of course, not to forget, as our expansion also includes the devoted fans who have supported Singularity throughout 2017. We thank you for sticking through this rollercoaster ride.

Also to note: in the entirety of this year, we’ve traded players with more than 20 different organizations, and had more than 75 different players joining Singularity during 2017.

Team Singularity is an ambitious Danish based esports organization, with the purpose of developing successful teams and building a professional environment for the talents we have. With a wide focus on EU scene—but with Scandinavia as a prime focus—we’ve been able to expand successfully into most of the relevant top esports and streaming titles in 2017.

Team Singularity has developed to a point where we are able to take the final step in order to become a Scandinavian powerhouse. We have most of the necessary skills and employees to get there, and 2018 are looking to become a great year.

Team Singularity has accomplished a lot within the short period of our existence—and with a very small investment at hand. We take pride in being very cost-efficient with budget constraints. Furthermore, we’ve learned how to spot talent before they make a splash in esports, and have taken pride in providing satisfactory contracts and relationships between the player and the organization.

Come join the #SNGARMY, and be a part of the esports revolution. It doesn’t matter if you’re fan, investor, employee, or player. #SNGARMY welcomes you with open arms.


- Atle Stehouwer


Atle Stehouwer with the CS:GO Squad at Dreamhack (credit: Dreamhack & ESL)




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