Singularity Wants More Chicken Dinners? Welcome to H1Z1!

Sat 3rd Feb 2018 - 4:43pm General Gaming

H1Z1, one could say, was the origin of all the Battle Royale esports titles that we've come to love in 2017 onwards. It brought popularity to the genre, and still has its place in the esports industry. It's no denying that if we want to reach our goals in 2018, Singularity will have to reach out to all esports titles. Of course, Singularity treats all of the esports divisions and players equally, as one is just important as the other, regardless of results. Now it's time to expand into another esports title and continue our journey, as Singularity brings on board and H1Z1 team to represent the Singularity brand.

Our H1Z1 team might not be known internationally, but they represent the colors of Denmark with great pride. Singularity has scouted this team and the players; the team itself have shown the resolve and work ethic that is needed at Singularity. Please welcome the H1Z1 team, as they will bring great results and meet the expectations of the staff and fans of Singularity. Cheer them and us on our newest journey!



Statements from each sides involved:

"We, as a team, are very honored to have gotten the opportunity and chance to work together with Team Singularity. We are starting to compete in Revenge EU Tier 2 this Monday and will do all we can to get the best results. We are working very hard to reach our goals and are ready to show the community and everybody out there what we got. We are looking forward for a great adventure and to compete competitive under the organization." 

- Singularity's H1Z1 Squad on the signing


"Our expansion into new game titles continues! I am happy to announce that we are joining forces with a very promising H1Z1 roster. I see a lot of potential and motivation in this team and it is with great pleasure that we introduce them in the ever growing SNG family!"

- Atle Stehouwer, Singularity CEO


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