Singularity announces Battalion 1944 team!

Sun 18th Mar 2018 - 4:09pm General Gaming

Team Singularity is happy to announce the expansion into yet another exciting game title: Battalion 1944! The Croatian roster picked up for the newly established team features an old PUBG player of Singularity and now captain of the team "FRESHY"!


Here are the statements of Team Captain and Team Singularity:


”I am excited to announce the expansion of Singularity into this new and exciting game title! Ever since FRESHY started playing Battalion 1944, we have kept in touch and I think this was the perfect moment to sign the roster, as they have found members with the same level of motivation and drive for improving! I am looking forward to seeing what the guys can do and how they will adapt!”

- Atle Stehouwer, Singularity CEO


"The team is very excited to compete in Battalion 1944 under Team Singularity. After having several roster changes couple weeks ago, we have decided to go for a full Croatian roster and now with the support of Team Singularity we are more confident and motivated to compete and grind, and we look forward to attend Gallantry LAN event in Budapest!”

- Dario "FRESHY" Smiljanić, Team Captain



Singularity thanks their following partners and sponsors:




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