Overwatch Roster Update

Fri 6th Apr 2018 - 2:20pm General Gaming

After a rocky start in the Overwatch Contenders League, the team has mutually decided that a change was neccessary to keep the playoffs dream alive. As of today, Hunni will be replacing Khave in the active roster!


Here are the statements of Khave and Hunni:


"It was an amazing experience playing with the team Singularity and I hope that the guys do really well in the future. I'll be sure to watch their game on Sunday against Gigantti and I hope everyone else will too."

- Christian "Khave" Have


"I'm super excited to get to show off with my old teammates and friends, Nerfdd and Lind, whom i played with from open beta until the start of 2017. After a year of playing in international teams I am also finally ready to go back to playing in danish and bring the huge amount of experienced i have acquired from the many different teams I've been a part of. I'm confident that we can pull of the final game against Giganti and go to contenders play offs if we can get the synergy going in the short amount of time leading up to the game, as I believe the roster has lots of talent and skill. Even if we should fall flat, i believe we will bounce back and show up in trials and win next season of contenders!"

- Eskil "Hunni" Kinnunen


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