Red Bull announcement:

Team Singularity – Dota 2 team

We’re happy to announce that we’re going to expand into yet another game, and we’re very pleased to announce that former Let’s Do It (LDI) will be joining our ranks! We picked them up shortly after the break between them and their former team, Alternate Attax, and we’ve used the last couple of weeks reaching a beneficial agreement for both players and organization going forward into the scene. We’re looking forward to unleash the players potential, and take them to the next level in their career.


eL lisasH

Name: Pawel Naruszewicz
Gamer nick: Patos
Age 22
Position: OFFLANE

Name: Rafał Wójcik
Gamer nick: eL lisasH
Age 20

Name: Michał Jankowski
Gamer nick: Nisha
Age 16
Position: MID

Name: Jakub Kacor Kocjan
Gamer nick: Kacor
Age 24
Position: SUPPORT

Name: Natan Michalewicz
Gamer nick: Exotic_deer
Age 19
Position: CARRY


“Basically the team formed in early 2015 then they played in Alternate Attax for 2 years and had many problems since august 2016, then we solved our problems through autumm, found a 5th players after a long time with trials, started playing some matches again, and meanwhile parted ways with Alternate Attax.


During those 2 years we played almost 400 compepetive matches, played in a lot tier 1 quals, won some tier 2 europe tournaments, our best run was 1 year ago when we were much better than Ad Finem->Mouz or DanishBears->Imperial->C9, but we failed for some reasons, but now we want to change this what we failed year ago.


Kacor, Nisha, Exotic_Deer and eL lisasH has been playing for more than 13 months together already, and eL lisasH, Nisha and Exotic_Deer are all former players of Let's do it that was formed in early 2015, so they’ve been playing for more than 2 years together, but during the last months they’ve not been able to live up to their potential, because without a 5th player you can't be a top contending team.” – eL lisasH

That’s all solved now, and Team Singularity is looking to conquer the scene of Dota 2 within the year, and help the team reach their full potential.


OFF-MODE Gaming house in Poznan (Check it out at

The team is bootcamping at the Off-Mode Gaming house in Poznan, while attending two major qualifiers, Epicenter and ZOTAC. We qualified for the 100.000$ Zotac lan event.