League of Legends

League of Legends

The team left Team Singularity to play the CSQ for Tricked eSport. Team Singularity has been looking to sign a new team, but we haven't decided on anything yet.


ATOM (https://twitter.com/AtombombenLoL)
Peter Thomsen
Position on the team:Toplane
Age: 22
Country: Danmark
City: København


TAIKKI (https://twitter.com/Taikkilol)
Name: Arttu "Taikki" Sirkka
Position on the team: Jungler
Age: 23
Country: Finland
City: Hämeenlinna


GODBRO (https://twitter.com/NeeGodbro)
Dan Van Vo
Position on the team: Midlane
Age: 22
Country: Danmark
City: Aalborg


KITTY (https://twitter.com/Kitty_hehe)
Full name:
Sander Jeroen Everink
Position on the team: ADC
Age: 22
Country: The Netherlands
City: Groningen


WENDELBO (https://twitter.com/WendelboLoL)
Daniel Wendelbo Ernst
Position on the team: Support
Age: 18
Country: Danmark
City: Aarhus

The team was announced in a collaboration with Red Bull DK and Red Bull Esports.