PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG is a game that has redefined what fun means in modern shooters and alongside that fun comes the competitive aspect and we knew from the beginning that this game will take off. With that in mind we started looking for a team very early on but it took us a while to find the best possible fit for Team Singularity which was hard working, skillful and passionate for success. We can’t wait to see how the team will perform in all the future tournaments but also create content for the organization and participate in all events


Team Manager: David Pella

EU Lineup:

The team captain is 26 year old Dario ‘FRESHY’ Smiljanić from Croatia. He is an experienced competitive FPS player with competitive backgrounds in various FPS games, such as COD4:PROMOD, CS:GO and Overwatch.


Tomi ‘kala’ Sassi is 29 years old from Finland. His competitive FPS experience goes back to the days of CS1.5 and CS1.6 where he spent most of his gaming career and competed in other FPS games such as TF2, Enemy Territory and UT2004.


Michał ‘suz’ Brzywczy is a 23 year old player from Poland with competitive FPS experience from his early years, competed in various Enemy Territory tournaments between 2008 and 2013 and played on a semi-professional level in Overwatch.


Nikola ‘N1KOLA’ Svensson is a soon to be 18 year old guy from Sweden. Despite his young age he has a lot of experience in FPS games with thousands of hours in Counter Strike and Overwatch. His esports career started in Overwatch where he created a name for himself by competing at a top level in the European region as well as competing in the Overwatch Championships in Dreamhack Winter 2016.  


DK Team:

Sebastian "RamsessTG" Ramboels


Jacob "MrJacob" Hemmingsen