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A new roster rises

POSTED BY Grauling November 5, 2019

We are excited to announce our return to mobile gaming! We will be joining the Call of Duty Mobile scene with a promising roster; with that being said let’s get to know some of the players in the roster:

“My name is Nathan, I am 18 years old, and I have been a Call of Duty fanatic since the very beginning. After hearing about the release of Call of Duty, I immediately got an iPad and started to grind in the beta version. A couple friends of mine got together and started to practice the few game modes we predicted to be used in the competitive scene. It was tons of fun and I could not wait until the franchise released globally. After the global release I created my own team and here we are, ready to represent Team Singularity and take a further step into our competitive careers.” 

Nathan ”Decipher” Kim

“My name is Ace, also known as “Ight” in game. I started playing a mobile FPS called Critical Ops. After years of playing, the game has sadly all but died off, but in a fortunate turn of events, COD Mobile swooped in at just the right time. Many previous c-ops players including my self switched over, in search of a better game. Our expectations for the game were by far surpassed and it has been a great experience all the way through. With that being said, I am happy to be one of the select few players having the privilege to be joining Team Singularity (SNG). Together with our new roster, you will see us competing as a top team in the CODM pro scene events and tournaments. I have many hopes for us going forward and you can be sure to expect great things down the road. We are ready to work hard and get our name out there to be recognized as one of the greatest if not the best teams in the scene. Thank you for this opportunity!”

Nick “Ight” Kostin

“My name is Alexandro and I am 18 years old. My nickname is Loyalty and I started playing COD Mobile before the launch in beta. Since it was really hyped up, I decided why not try it. My goals are to be a part of the best team in the world and to be the number 1 player. I consider joining Team Singularity a huge opportunity because I heard so many good things about the organization. I look forward to creating something gold with my pals and the community.”

Jesus “Loyalty” Alexandro

“My name is Roland, I am 18 years old, and I started playing Call of Duty Mobile for fun while I was in the PUBG Mobile competitive scene playing for Team Totality. As time passed, I have noticed COD Mobile was catching my attention quite a bit and i went straight for the scene without no hesitation. I was soon picked up by Team SeMinal and grew with them as if we were family. Now we are here today given an opportunity by an amazing organization seeing our great potential in the COD Mobile scene to dominate! We are here to break limits and grow together!”

Rolando “Mangos” Duran