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The FIFA 2021 season has just started and Team Singularity together with HYDR esport are proud to officially announce the Al-Bacha FIFA academy, as a part of HYDR esport’s newly announced initiative by adding FIFA to their educational courses, and making it available to the +600 existing members and all new members as well of course.

Over the weekend Mohamad “Al-Bacha” Al-Bacha launched his own FIFA academy, and there’s still available spots on the academy to be filled up.

“I’m excited for this opportunity given to me by Team Singularity and HYDR esport, and I’ll do my best to make a strong academy where young talents can get the support and guidance needed to become a world champion.
This opportunity is primary for danish talents as the session will be live from the HYDR and SNG headquarters, but if there’s enough interest internationally then we’ll launch an online academy as well. Everyone that’s interested should send a mail to or DM me on twitter.”

Mohamad “Al-Bacha” Al-Bacha, FIFA player, Team Singularity.

HYDR esport is the primary facilitator and If you want to know more about joining the Al-Bacha FIFA academy or normal FIFA educational course then please reach out directly to HYDR esport to get information about next open house and tryout event:

“It’s important for HYDR esport to always strive to provide the best educational options for our members and potential new members. FIFA is a big gaming and esports title in Denmark, and therefore it’s a great pleasure to launch the option of FIFA education within our system.
Being able to launch FIFA as an option with a former world champion having his own academy on top of the setup is a great opportunity for us to test a new approach, and a great opportunity for our members to get tutored by a real professional at the highest level”

Victor Bruun De Neergaard, operational manager and co-founder, HYDR esport.

“I’m proud of Al-Bacha for launching this initiative, and I hope that his academy will feed Team Singularity with well-educated young talent that we can sign on professional contracts and help them make the big step.
As always then it’s a great pleasure to be able to make natural synergies with HYDR esport around our facilities and operations. Hopefully this is just a start of a concept that can be copy-pasted on other gaming titles relevant to both parties.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity.