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Alejo joining SNG

POSTED BY Grauling March 25, 2019

Due to age restrictions in the PUBG Global Esports rule the team had to undergo a roster change. As of now Alejandro “Alejo” Gonzales will be stepping in the team as fulltime member, replacing Daniel “Danielesflo” Sanchéz.

I feel really excited to join Team Singularity, it means a lot for my career as professional FPS player. A few months back in Crossfire and now in PUBG I am thrilled to take the team to a next level and I will do my best to keep Team Singularity at the top.


As the PUBG team for Team Singularity we are very heartbroken to do changes to our roster, especially letting go of those who perform exceptionally well, and have worked with us through tough times. Unfortunately, due to the age restriction on the PUBG Global Esports rule set we are unable to continue playing with our team mate and friend Daniel “Danielesflo” Sanchéz. Ever since we found out, we added to the team an old friend and FPS competitive player Alejandro “Alejo” Gonzales. With him in the roster and as a strong Colombian team we qualified for the Latin American League on 1st place in the Northern Cone.
Now in the league it’s been rough playing with the best teams on the region and even more playing with high ping in South America due to the servers being in the opposite side of the continent. Even then, we are confident we will reach top 10 in the leaderboards before the season ends and we will keep improving for phase 2.