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Americas Minor Closed Qualifier

POSTED BY Grauling June 14, 2019

“After CPH games we realized we felt so much more comfortable in a LAN environment, night and day, got much better practices and played much better in officials. So, after we lost our Party Astronauts game, we decided that we needed to go all in this season, and we started looking for houses.
The only real difficulties we’ve had so far is our computers and monitors showing up 3 days late, but other than that the personalities all mesh as we’ve been a core for around a year now. The practice we get here is so much better than the ones we got at home, we’re improving a lot faster than we would’ve had we decided not to get the house, everything feels so easy when we’re all together. Officials are so much better now too because the max we ping to any server is 40. It was also super important to get the house because Floppy lived in Oregon, which made him ping 75-90 to every match we played. The team has gotten a lot closer than we ever have over here, we make sure to spend time bonding and we’re all really good friends with one another so that makes it easy to get along. The overall happiness of the players seems to be a lot higher, and our motivation is better than ever over here.
As for the Minor Qualifier, our expectation is to qualify, nothing less. We think we have a really good chance at making the minor and we’re really hitting our stride right now; we’re making sure to prepare for the really good teams and everyone is focused in. We want this really badly, so everyone is locked in for our practices and officials.”

Jared “Mac-1” Schneider