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Americas Minor & StarSeries qualifier

POSTED BY Grauling December 14, 2018

After a long week on lan in Dallas playing the MDL Global Challenge and ESL Pro League relegations we are back online to do some damage.

We won the first open qualifier for the Americas minor qualifier, and in our first round of the Americas minor qualifier we faced SpaceStation which we breezed passed easily afterwards to face NRG for a spot in the Americas minor qualifier through upper bracket, but sadly we fell short and was knocked into lower bracket where we were eliminated by Bravado.

While playing the Americas minor qualifier we also played the StarSeries S7 qualifier, where Furia started to knock us down 2-0 putting us in the losers match of the groups where we faced Mythic which we breezed pass easily, but after the Mythic match we had the chance to upset and get revenge vs. Envy, but sadly didn’t we’ve the mental fortitude to overcome Envy and was eliminated from the group stage of the qualifier.