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POSTED BY Grauling November 23, 2021

Today we are proud to announce a new strong partnership for Team Singularity and are super excited to welcome AndaSeat to the SNG family.

The partnership will allow us to equip our teams and influencers with some of the best gaming chairs on the market, and we will be looking to giveaway products through our academy path2pro and students within our esports athlete program.

As the expert seat solution provider in sports, and racing car. AndaSeat now dedicates to offering esports chairs to 30+ countries customers with the missions to provide professional, healthy, and comfortable gaming experiences. AndaSeat now is the 2nd biggest Esports chair supplier worldwide. Anda seaT has been the official chair Partner of Disney, 2018 WGC, 2018 LDL, and the sponsor to 25 gaming teams including Natus Vincere, Fnatic, LGD, OMG, V5, VTG, AHQ, etc.

“I’m thrilled to partner up with AndaSeat on the Team Singularity journey, and I’m looking forward to be extra comfortable in their gaming chairs. This partnership also gives us a great opportunity to provide gaming chairs for all our players and staff, to all corners of the world. We expect to launch a SNG branded chair together in 2022.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity

Read more about AndaSeat and all products here: https://www.andaseat.com/

Perseverance comes from pursuit this is what AndaSeat’s founder always says.
AndaSeat was founded in 2007, from racing seats to gaming seats. We have concentrated on the chair industry for more than 14 years. “ The reason why we enter the gaming chair industry mostly is our founders ‘ initial love for gaming and race car seat experience.
During the past years, the gaming industry is prosperous. and the number of gamers has increased year by year, however, many gamers have to suffer low-quality and expensive chairs. Therefore, we decided to change this situation for gamers and do something helpful to the industry with our strong and powerful supply chain and R&D center.

With the excellent influence of SNG and the superior quality of AndaSeat products, I hope WE can gain more brand exposure and awareness in Denmark even, the EU, and the world. We sincerely hope WE CAN gain acceptance from more gamers through our partnership with SNG. The best for the best. The best team always uses the best product. The best products for the best users and the best gaming experience.”

Allen He, Global Brand & Marketing Director, AndaSeat

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