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Apex Legends Preseason Invitational

POSTED BY Grauling September 13, 2019

As the APEX Legends Preseason Invitational is just around the corner, Philip “Phods” Lundius took some time to answer a few questions in regards to the team and the tournament!

APEX Legends and especially this event has been a bit chaotic for us as a team, since we were not allowed to use Nikolarn and when we got the invite, we signed up LAZXR as the stand-in but in the end made a last minute change. Tell us a bit about the situation and who’s the golden talent we picked up last minute:

Yes, it has been a tough road with the preparations for the major but we are finally here and ready to win. Our third player goes under the name Anrchxy and is currently top 30 in the ranked ladder. This guy’s mechanical skill is insane. I would say of what I have seen so far is that he hits almost every shot with the sniper so it is kind of obvious that we put him on the sniper. Before Apex, he was a top player in H1Z1.

What did you think about the bootcamp at the Team Singularity HQ in Copenhagen?

Anrchxy could not make it to the bootcamp but we still played as a team. We were practicing against other teams and the last day we played some ranked to push the ladder. Personally, I have enjoyed the bootcamp and I think that is an important part in preparations for a major, it helped us a lot as a team.

What are the teams expectations going into the first APEX Legends major, known as the APEX Legends preseason invitational?

The expectations from us as a team is of course that we are going to win! We will be facing tough competition but we are here to prove that we are one of the best teams!