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POSTED BY Grauling May 22, 2020

We are excited to announce our return to Clash Royale! We have decided to return in the competitive scene with the following roster:

  • Gabriel “Bielvinis“ Vinicius 
  • Wallace ”Wallace” Araújo 
  • Rafael ”Tico” Tinoco 
  • Robson ”Sapo” Lucindo 
  • Breno Silva (Manager)
  • Lucas ” Dank Gattuso” Reis (Coach)
  • Dinarte “Dinarte” Suassuna (Analyst)

“It is an excellent opportunity in my career, and I believe that of the players too, because Team Singularity is a great organization and has grown a lot over the years! I hope to grow together, learn more and to be able to take the Singularity name to the top of the Clash Royale.

The expectations are high, although we are forming a team now, it is composed of talented and dedicated players, and a staff very committed to bringing the best to the team to bring good results and consolidate us in the game. Now we can work to show our potential and what we came for!

We are very happy to be joining Singularity, and very grateful to the organization for the opportunity, especially Atle, CEO of Team Singularity, who has been very attentive to me and who is giving us this great opportunity!”

Breno Silva, Team Manager

“It’s been a long time since Team Singularity were in Clash Royale, but due to our large mobile expansion in Brazil with the acquisition of AERO Game last month then we’ve decided to re-enter the Clash Royale scene with a Brazilian roster that we are very confident in. 

The goal is to get the attention of Supercell and potentially enter the Clash Royale League next year.!”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity