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Team Singularity have a lot of partnerships helping to smooth the journey in esports, some of them are known like all our sponsors and others are primary known internally. One of the partnerships we want to highlight this month is our partnership with BrainZyme, who is one of our bootcamp partners.

“I believe performance-enhancing nutrition will be a big part of esports in the future. We’ll be trialling it with our players interested in the products during bootcamps. In a recent bootcamps for our Overwatch, CS:GO, DOTA 2 and PUBG team some of the players tried the BrainZyme products, and they described it as a ‘good luck’ pill for them, as it helped the players have a more focused and efficient day of practice at the bootcamp facility.
Before making the BrainZyme products available to players and management in Team Singularity I tested the product-line back in Q4 of 2017 to see if I would experience a boost in focus or energy. I started by taking 1 pill each morning as a substitute for vitamin-pills, and already after having tried the product consistently for 3 days I was experiencing a great boost in general focus throughout my day, which gave me a natural boost in energy as well. 
Currently I take 1 pill (pro version) in the morning and sometimes when I’ve days with +12 hours of work I take 1 pill (elite version) in the afternoon.”
Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO, Singularity Esports

“I’ve been a pro/semi-pro CounterStrike player for more than a decade, and I’ve seen a lot of different types of enhancers, but this is something else. I use my pills as a regular vitamin pill to balance out some of my poor nutrition choices, and I can feel my focus last longer during the day when performing various tasks. Brainzyme is the first performance enhancing nutrition I feel comfortable using, as it is 100% natural good stuff.”
André “BARBARR” Möller

Are you trying to get to the highest level in esports, but dealing with stress, lack of focus and needs some mental boost of energy? We can recommend you to try BrainZyme, you can use the discountcode: “SNGARMY” to get -10% discount on all products. GL HF.

Information about BrainZyme:
”We are Better Nutritional Science, the manufacturers of the BrainZyme range of brain food supplement cognitive enhancers (nutritional, natural & herbal nootropics).

We saw there was a need for fast-acting, effective formulas providing cognitive enhancement and that were backed up with real science.

We are a Scottish company registered in the UK, and all our production and packaging is done within the UK.

Our manufacturing facilities are all UK environmental health approved, and our formulas and marketing are all compliant with food supplement statutory requirements within the UK and EU.

UK’s Leading:
We are the UK’s FIRST and LEADING Brain Food Supplement Nutritional Cognitive Enhancer (Natural Nootropic) Specialist:
We only make Brain Food Supplements, that’s it, nothing else. By specialising in one area, we are better able to research, evaluate and manufacture the best Brain Food Supplement Products for our customers.

UK’s FIRST: BrainZyme® is the UK’s first nutritional cognitive enhancer (NCE), a Brain Food Supplement Natural Nootropic with Matcha, Guarana, Choline, Vitamins and Minerals.

Full Guarantees: British Registered. Full British and EU Governmental Agency Compliance.

BrainZyme is manufactured in the UK by Better Nutritional Science Ltd, in compliance with statutory regulations enforced by the Department of Health (UK), Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (UK), Food Standards Agency (UK), City of Edinburgh Environmental Health (Scotland), Trading Standards (Scotland) and the European Food Safety Authority (EU).

The scientifically proven claims made are verified and compliant with UK regulatory agencies.

All the ingredients we use are verified and triple tested with all documentation open to inspection at any time from Trading Standards and Environmental Health Inspectors. In every case, we always select the vegan source for our protein extracts. No animals are harmed in the making or testing of BrainZyme. Our re-usable packaging uses considerably less plastic and resources than traditional bottle packaging.

Our vision is to make and deliver our products to customers with love and care. This includes verifiable supply chain authentication, that has documentation regarding testing, approval, certification, or authorization. We insist upon supplement manufacture with full freedom from all 14 allergens and all heavy metals or pesticides. We are GMO free, pharmaceutical drug free and vegetarian and vegan compliant.

We believe in getting smart and getting more done.”

Who makes BrainZyme:

About Team Singularity:

Team Singularity, recently acquired by Rightbridge Ventures, launched in 2016 as a grassroots operation and has grown into a premier esports organization with professional teams competing in Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, League of Legends, FIFA22, Apex Legends and more.

The company is focused on talent development and is the leading player talent incubator in esports. Team Singularity has the largest path2pro esports academy in the world with over 10,000 active amateur players making their way to become the next pro player in esports.

Team Singularity is home to more than 100 players and staff members from more than 30 different countries.

About GamerTech™:

GamerTech (GT) brings disruptive products, technology-based gamer wearables, and advanced apparel solutions to market, focused explicitly on gamers and esports athletes to boost performance, amplify experience, and enhance their overall wellness. GT is a startup within MAS Innovation, a subsidiary of MAS Holdings - the most prominent apparel tech manufacturer in South Asia, with over 118,000 employees across 17 countries and a turnover of USD 2 billion, strongly focusing on apparel-based innovations. MAS Innovation ranked 18th among the world's best workplaces for innovators, conducted by Fast Company in 2022, and placed in Clarivate's highly prestigious Asian innovators list in 2021 and 2022.