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Bye for now P0me

POSTED BY Grauling August 9, 2020

Today we are officially parting ways with Ivan “P0me” Lucco after more than a year together and a lot of great memories. We have been blessed with one of the best in LATAM and he has been with us through our best and our worst. We wish P0me all the best and hope our paths will cross again in the future.

“We will all miss you! You are a great person and friend, it’s been a pleasure going down this journey with you and I hope nothing but the best in your future!”

Manuel “Lampago” Castro, PUBG Manager, Team Singularity

“First of all I forgive everyone who defrauded me, and thank you very much to everyone that’s been supporting me all this time, for following me and encouraging me through thick and thin! A special thanks to Atle for trusting me and noticing that my work was done because I enjoyed it. I wanted to take the SNG shirt to the top, and it’s been a great journey and I wish the best to each of the players who go through this family, a huge hug to all!”

Ivan “p0me” Lucco

“I’m sad to part ways with P0me as he’s been a great representor of Team Singularity and have helped us cement the SNG brand in the LATAM region. I feel the circumstances around P0me and his sudden competitive ban is absurd and unfair, but a decision from PUBG Corp was made and we have to accept that. I hope P0me will keep pursuing his esports dream, and that he will continue to grow as a streamer and content creator. Best of luck in the future my friend and I hope our paths will cross again in the future! Thanks for all the great memories!”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity We will always love you P0me & NazoArmy, take care!