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Call of Duty Mobile update

POSTED BY Grauling October 11, 2020

Today we welcome a new player into the SNG family, and also part ways with another player prior to the start of the World Championship stage 4. Below this you can find an easy overview of all the players that is part of the Team Singularity Call of Duty mobile division.

Team Singularity Call of Duty mobile overview:

Tournament roster:

  • Hakan “SlayeR” Yigit
  • Tianlong “Head4death” Le Montreer
  • Yunus “Iceblok” Coskun
  • Lasperhey “Miney” Lorenzo
  • Erdogan “s3m” Cem Silan

Ineligible tournament players:

  • Lars “Clashy” Meyer
  • Daniel “Neax” Kopylov


  • Mohammed “Orgic” Jettou


  • Jon “Yahya” Alfred transferred to Cold Esport

We asked the players involved in the switch and the captain to give us a comment in regards to the updated roster and everything that’s been going on prior to the World Championship stage 4:

“I’m very proud to join the Singularity team, and I believe we will achieve good things in the coming tournaments, especially at CODM World Championship.”

Erdogan “s3m” Cem Silan, CODm player, Team Sigularity

“Due to internal problems in the team, we mutually parted ways with Yahya. After Yahya’s departure, we explored other options for the fifth player for championship and we decided to ask s3m to join. He accepted the invitation and has now joined as our last player for championship. After we picked up s3m, we unfortunately heard some bad news regarding our player Neax. Due to him being underage at the start of qualifying, he has sadly been disallowed to play with us anymore for the championship. Due to Neax being ineligible, our championship roster now consists of SlayeR, head4death, Miney, s3m and Iceblok.”

Hakan “SlayeR” Yigit, CODm player, Team Singularity

“Team singularity has been a great experience for me, playing with amazing players to form one of the best teams in EU. I had a great time and appreciate being given the chance to be part SNG. That being said, I have a couple of reasons as to why I decided part ways with the team.

I’ve known a bunch of people from the UK community for a while now, and personally feel more comfortable being around them. I feel more at “home” with the UK community, as we can relate to many different things because we grew up in the same environment and have a lot of similarities and interests. It’s nothing personal, I have no grudges against anyone. No hard feelings. I appreciate being part of the organisation and I can see it going far into the Call of Duty Mobile scene.”

Jon “Yahya” Alfred, CODm player, Team Singularity

“It’s never optimal to have changes this late in a tournament, but the competitive mobile scene is often very fragile and in general pretty immature, so it’s an everchanging landscape where from my experience chemistry and atmosphere are more important than in PC or Console teams.
I’m confident that this decision was what was best both for the team and Yahya’s further development and motivation.
I feel very bad for Neax that is not able to complete the tournament with us, as I know how much he’s been grinding, but I know he will do everything he can to make sure that the team is motivated and will have success in stage 4.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity