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CDC Elite Stage 3 Playoffs Report

POSTED BY Webmaster May 26, 2022

Over the last few weeks, the Toronto ULTRA Academy NA and Toronto ULTRA Academy EU teams have been competing in the Call of Duty Challengers Elite Stage 3, with the goal of becoming champions once again. Read our preview of the event here.

Toronto ULTRA Academy EU

During the group stage, the European roster was left with a 5-2 record, falling to Invincibles and AYM Esports:

  • Toronto ULTRA Academy EU 3 – 1 Sileo Synes
  • Toronto ULTRA Academy EU 3 – 2 Nixuh x ACCL
  • Toronto ULTRA Academy EU 2 – 3 Invincibles
  • Toronto ULTRA Academy EU 1 – 3 AYM Esports
  • Toronto ULTRA Academy EU 3 – 1 Dizzys Rascals
  • Toronto ULTRA Academy EU 3 – 1 Team WaR
  • Toronto ULTRA Academy EU 3 – 0 ROKKR Academy

These results see us with a final placement of second place, going 18-11 on map count securing second place, and qualifying for playoffs. Because of this,wWe found ourselves taking on Team WaR in the Upper-Bracket Semi-Finals, breezing past them in dominant fashion with a 3-0 victory that would see us take on the number one team from the Group Stage. 

We knew heading into the AYM Esports series, that they were clearly our biggest competition and we would have to turn up the heat to take them down. Map one was Gavutu Hardpoint seeing us take the victory 250-176, followed by a Berlin Search and Destroy, putting us on series point following the 6-3 victory. The tides would start to change here as AYM Esports would take the Gavutu Control 3-2, followed by a Tuscan Hardpoint that would go 250-222 in favour of AYM Esports setting up a Map 5. AYM would take the Search and Destroy 6-3, resulting in Toronto ULTRA Academy EU falling to the lower bracket.

The lower bracket final would see Toronto ULTRA Academy EU take on Rokkr Academy, where we would take them down in a clean 3-0 sweep setting up the rematch; Toronto ULTRA Academy EU would take on AYM Esports, with the winner being crowned Champions of the Elite Stage 3.

The first BO5 went extremely well for us as we took down AYM Esports 3-0, resulting in a bracket reset. We were one series away from being champions. We lost the first map, Hardpoint on Tuscan, by a score of 250-162. Heading into Berlin Search and Destroy, it was all to play for and following a very eventful map, we head to Round 11 which would see us take the map, leaving the series 1-1. The EU academy team would then go on to take the Gavutu Control in a dominant fashion, 3-0. We needed to take down AYM Esports, on their arguably best game mode; Hardpoint. Because of this, heading to Berlin, it was another hard-hitting affair that would see Toronto ULTRA Academy EU take the victory by 250-224.

Toronto ULTRA Academy EU are your Elite Series Stage 3 Champions.

Toronto ULTRA Academy NA

From there, it was time for the Toronto ULTRA Academy NA team to take over North America once again. During the group stage, the North American roster was left with a 6-1 record, falling only to Red Wolves.:

  • Toronto ULTRA Academy NA 0 – 3 Red Wolves
  • Toronto ULTRA Academy NA 3 – 2 Whatever it Takes
  • Toronto ULTRA Academy NA 3 – 2 705 Esports
  • Toronto ULTRA Academy NA 3 – 2 Electrify Steel
  • Toronto ULTRA Academy NA 3 – 0 Valor Esports
  • Toronto ULTRA Academy NA 3 – 0 Iron Blood Gaming
  • Toronto ULTRA Academy NA 3 – 0 Destroy The Odds

These results see us with a final placement of first place, going 18-9 on map count, securing first place, and qualifying for playoffs. We found ourselves taking on Electrify Steel in the Upper-Bracket Semi-Finals, taking them down 3-1, setting the stage for a game against our biggest competition; Whatever It Takes.

In the Upper-Bracket Final, Whatever It Takes would take the Berlin Hardpoint 250-194 before going on to take the Bocage Search and Destroy 6-4. Because of this, Whatever It Takes found themselves on series point. We would have to dig down deep if we wanted to secure our place in the Grand Finals. Following a back and forth map, Toronto ULTRA Academy NA would take the Berlin, Control, 3-2. In a similar fashion, we would take the Tuscan Hardpoint, 250-228. The score set at 2-2 in the series, Toronto ULTRA Academy NA would have to win a Search and Destroy on Berlin to secure the place in the Grand Final.

Whatever It Takes took on Electrify Steel in the lower bracket where they would take the 3-0 victory, setting up a Grand Final where momentum was on the side of Whatever It Takes. Despite their momentum, we would bring it to a halt very quickly, as we take the Berlin Hardpoint, 250-158. Another round 11 on Search and Destroy would see Whatever It Takes take the victory 6-5. Because of this, Heading into control, we refused to give them much room taking the victory 3-1. The next map would be a Tuscan Hardpoint which would be extremely back and forth. Ultimately, 5 points were in it, as we took the victory and the championship by 250-245.

Toronto ULTRA Academy NA are your Elite Stage 3 Champions.

Congratulations to both the Toronto ULTRA Academy NA, and EU teams on winning their respective competitions.

“Winners win. Proud of both teams and it’s a great achievement. I guess we get to see who’s the more dominant roster at the upcoming Toronto major!”

Curt Bottomley, Chief Gaming Officer

“It’s a great achievement to win the Elite series. Since the Pro-Am and Joey coming in, the team has improved and by winning the past Challengers Cup and now the Elite Series, we are a serious contender for the upcoming Toronto Major”

Joshua-Lee “Joshh” Sheppard, Coach for Toronto ULTRA Academy EU

“We’ve worked hard to get to this point, and we turn our full focus to the Ultra Major in a weeks time.”

Stephen “Vortex” Allan, Player for Toronto ULTRA Academy EU

“After winning the Minnesota event, the team started to slow down online, however, we understood the importance to take it as seriously as possible. This result proves it. I am extremely happy with the hard work and dedication the teams put in over the past month.” –

Charles “Mystvc” Johnson, Coach for Toronto ULTRA Academy NA

“We wanted to win the Elite Series more than ever. We finished 7th in the previous Elite & we wanted to prove to everyone that Minnesota was not a fluke.”

Javier “Vikul” Milagro, Player for Toronto ULTRA Academy NA

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