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CDL 2021 Scouting series

POSTED BY Grauling December 15, 2020

Ahead of the first official CDL scouting series we caught up with Ehsan “DREAL” Javed, the coach of the Call of Duty team in Team Singularity, to get a run down of the format this week.

The Scouting series takes place from the Tuesday the 15th to Friday the 18th, in which the top coaches and general managers of the CDL will draft teams to compete each day, from a total of 64 invited players. This invitation is based upon the 2020 challenger points, with the top 64 players being invited, accumulated from the past year.  48 of the 64 players would be drafted in 12 teams of 4, to compete in mini tournaments. The mini tournaments will be used to gauge the potential players in game ability and out of game attributes, in an unfamiliar environment, as a potential scouting system for future signings.

As each member of the current Singularity roster were some of the best global players last year, they have all been invited to participate in the scouting series. Based on last years challenger points, Denza was ranked 1st, both Bidz and detain were joint 5th and maple was 10th.