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CDL LA Open Report

POSTED BY Webmaster March 13, 2020

Looking to bounce back and redeem themselves after falling just shy of the 3-Peat at the Paris Open, the team and Atle headed out for the next homestead event, which would be the playing ground of the Los Angeles Guerillas and OpTic Gaming LA. With the two events being only a week apart, the team had a quick turnaround to put things right. Due to travelling and other issues, the team only managed to get one day of practice in, however this was against the pro side in LA Guerrillas in which we were fortunate enough to be welcomed to the official GenG headquarters.

Kick starting the event, with only 28 teams attending; we played the lowest seed in Team Omega. Looking to put our one day of practice into effect, we started very strong as we took the Hardpoint 250-115, following by a dominant 6-2 performance on Search & Destroy.

Moving into the Best of 5’s, we matched eighth Seed in Built by Gamers. With the opposition having more experience back in the days of Call of Duty, we were looking to prove why this new generation of talent, is more superior and unmatched in ability and passion. Starting strong in the Hardpoint, we thoroughly extended our advantage, and looked a class above in all aspects when it comes to Hardpoint. Out slaying, better rotations, we were looking great! Taking the Hardpoint 250-174. Continuing our form, we took charge in the Search and Destroy, limiting Built by Gamers to only taking one round and forcing them to be on the brink of the Loser Bracket. Being the well-structured team that they are, we quickly dominated the rivals and took the series 3-0 with a final score of 174-116.

Next in our path was Team WaR. However, this was not the Team WaR we had been competing with throughout the start of this season. This was their recently new pick up roster, which included the likes of GorgoKnight and LlamaGod. Getting straight down to business, the squad decimated the opposition and almost doubled their outcome as we took map 1 250-134. With complacency potentially setting in, Map 2, fell in the way of Team WaR as we lost in Round 11. Realising that Team WaR were not going to go down without a fight, we knew our domination had to be on point. Taking the first half very strongly, we looked on course to going one map away from the Winners Final for the fourth time on the trot. Finishing as strong as we started Map 3, we took the map 172-131. Looking for a repeat of map 1, the squad dictated the tempo and acted like they had the map and series under the belt. Finalising the map with a score of 250-132, we booked our tickets into the Winners Final.

Another Championship Sunday rolled around for this roster, another chance for the grand finals and another chip awaited, but first we had to beat No Mercy Esports. This was a pick up roster for the event, which consisted of Parasite and co, so we knew it was not going to be a walk in the LA sunshine. So far in the event NME is yet to lose a hardpoint so we had to come out strong, however they ended up taking control of the series, they went onto to strengthen their grasp on the Grand finals by winning the search and destroy in a round 11 battle. Our backs were against the wall and it looked likely that another losers final run into the grand finals was looming for us, but we never give up. We came out flying in the domination and was able to put up a strong fight, taking the map and making the series 2-1. However, this was not our day for the reverse sweep and NME closed out the series and sent us into the losers bracket. 

After being knocked into the losers bracket by NME, Encrypted Gaming were already waiting for us after sending Team WaR home with a 3-1 win. Hot off their victory and with the experience in that roster we knew it was going to be a tough game to get a victory from, however the likes of Spacely, Xotic and ProFreeZy was no match for the team. A swift and clean sweep of the series saw us send them packing and us back into the grand finals for a shot at redemption against NME. 

The fourth event of the new CDC style of franchising within Call of Duty and our fourth Grand Finals in a row. All eyes were set on winning the chip and redeeming our performance from Paris, however first we needed to win 2 best of 5 series against a team that has looked strong all event. We did it in Minnesota, we can do it again. Map 1 was around and it was time, we needed to take the wind out of their sails and dent some of the confidence. We put up a very good fight however, we fell short and they took control of the series with a 250-203 win on the Hardpoint. Search and destroy on Arklov Peak awaited, and straight away they came out strong winning round 1. However, we bounced back and levelled it 1-1 with some lovely defensive play of the A bombsite. Unfortunately, for the team NME picked up the momentum and won the map 6-3. Once again, we saw ourselves 2-0 down in the series. Map 3 the chance to turn this all around, one last shot at trying to force the second best of 5, however it just wasn’t our day. Leading 140-107 with 1:40 left on the clock it looked sure the map was going to be ours, however NME were able to slay us down, get the triple cap and take full advantage of St Petrograd, closing out the map 156-155. 

No Mercy Esports lived up to their name and swept the series 3-0. Congratulations to them on the victory! The team should be proud of their performance this past weekend, reaching the grand finals 4 times in a row and taking home $7,000 is a dream for any competitive player. However, this placement will just fuel the fire for the next event!

Once again, thank you for all the support you guys have given us since the CDC began. We surpassed 20,000 followers this weekend on Twitter and we look forward to next events! Curtis Bottomley

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