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CDL Open Paris Report

POSTED BY Webmaster March 7, 2020

With the vibes and confidence through the roof after being crowned victorious again, the team set out for the CDC Paris. This event was made from a 32 team bracket in which was run similar to the event in London. Starting against the lowest seeded team in Misterya eSport we knew how important it was to start of fast out the blocks to dust of any cobwebs as it had been 4 weeks since we competed and was rightfully crowned the Back-To-Back CDC Challengers Champions.

Taking down Misterya in orderly fashion, we swiftly moved into Round 3. To match against the number 1 seed globally, Misterya were very unfortunate to fall into the losers bracket. Moving on, we was matching up against Provrs_. Whether this was just a forced pick up team days before the event or not, we quickly dismantled any threat and booked ourselves in Round 4 with a comfortable 2-0 victory.

With no disrespect to either team we have played but the first couple of rounds at an event, we are always expected to deliver regardless of any possible disadvantage we may come across. With the tournament structure being small, within two series, we are already matching against teams that could possibly cause a threat and have the off chance of taking a map against us. Facing Tekk10 Gaming that is an upcoming organisation based in the UK, with players that are respected in the scene, this is where our tournament arguably begins.

With this being the first Best of 5, we welcomed the challenge from Tekk10 and just picked apart any formation and disrupted their balance. This is a series we expect to take 3-0, and before any response from our opponents, we truly delivered. A rematch from Minnesota was in wait. Team BDS being the former Pro League Players from Black Ops 4, they were eager for revenge after we dominated them in a 3-0 series over a month ago. 

With alarms set at 7AM CET, the team dragged themselves to the event after a poor night sleep. Not sure on what the reasoning is behind starting day 2 of the tournament so early was. Starting poorly we fell behind 0-2 and facing our first loss since falling to Renegades. This was not an excuse or a good enough performance from the team, they soon woke up and firing back. Taking each map as it come, the team saw themselves heading into a Map 5. Being a very strong Search & Destroy team that has now warmed up, we decimated any chance of revival from BDS, which saw us take the series 3-2 and sending them into the Losers Bracket, again.

With this result, we secured a Top 3 placement and was stepping into the battlefield against Team WaR. This is the series every follower of Call of Duty from the EU scene wanted to witness. With WaR arguably being the more dominant team Online due to their success in 1Ks, we were ready for battle, and oh was we….

Azhir Cave, being the stronger map for Team WaR, the team came out of the blocks fast. Being neck and neck throughout the early and mid game, our team stayed composed and well constructed and started to pull away from WaR. Taking the first map 1-0, we headed into the Search and Destroy. Taking no prisoners, we soon dominated the map and looked on course of moving into yet another Grand Final. Domination, saw us move into a 20 point lead at halftime on Hackney Yard saw us in contention of reaching our benchmark. However, knowing that Hackney Yard domination is a spawn dependent map, we knew we had to stay strong and withhold any potential hiccups that would see us going into map 4.The team stayed strong and continued to slay, and took the series comfortably 3-0 however we had a good feeling, we would be playing Team WaR again in the Final.

Waiting on the winner of Team WaR and TrainHard, we were ready to make a stand and go for the 3-Peat. With Team WaR taking down TrainHard, we were set up for a classic. With the same maps as the Winners Final, We were facing an already warm Team WaR. Starting slowly, we struggled to pick up any momentum and Team WaR took Map 1 in a way that would give them the confidence to go on and take the series. Stepping into a strong Search and Destroy map of ours, we bounced back and tied the series 1-1. Over the course of this year, my dislike towards Domination and Hackney Yard is growing stronger and stronger! A map where both teams forced errors, Team WaR stepped up and took control going into the last minute and saw them take the map. Having to win the final 2 maps to go end all hope for WaR, we started astonishingly well which saw us finish the map limiting only 90 seconds on any hill. This was the best Hardpoint, I have ever watched the team play. Kill after Kill and winning the important fight for rotation, we set up for a nail-biting map 5. Ramazza, being a favoured map for Team WaR and not having seen our team play it much over the year, we led 2-0 early. Being such a tight map, Team WaR would make it go to an all important Round 11, before it slipped out of our hands. This was the map we would have liked to have taken out of all 3 maps we had fallen short on. This meant that the bracket would be reset, and another best of 5 would be required to see who would be crowned your CDC Paris Open Champions.

This was it. The final series of CDC Paris, it was vital that we started strong to take the wind out of WaR’s sails, however we lost the first map 250-224. The Search & Destroy saw us fall  6-3. It was do or die in the domination. Heading into Hackney Yard, it was close throughout the whole map, but with some success of decapping our home flag it was Team WaR who came out victorious. We fell in the second best of 5 series, 3-0. Congratulations on the victory, we look forward to running it back with Team WaR in future events.

But we move on, accept the final series was an underperformance however a good performance again taking home $3,000, this event should not dishearten any player as they played exceptionally well throughout.

Following this event, the team is moving out to America for 6-7 weeks for boot camping and all upcoming events. Firstly we are heading out to LA for the next Homestead event hosted by Optic Gaming and LA Guerillas in which we WILL take back our crown. 

Thank you for all the support. We will see you across the pond!   

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