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CHAMPS report

POSTED BY Webmaster August 22, 2020

That special moment that every Call of Duty fan and player looks forward to as the end of the season came. The Call of Duty Championships were upon us.

Looking to make a statement, the top 32 teams in Europe battled it out for the prize and bragging rights of being the best Call of Duty Modern Warfare team in the continent. Having jetted out to the bootcamp in Copenhagen, Denmark, the team had 4 days to prepare for the tournament ahead. With expectations of placing Top 2, the team were not afraid and not shy of going that extra mile to be crowned victorious.

“It was a great pleasure hosting the champs bootcamp in our HQ for the team, and It was a great pleasure to finally team up again after 3 months apart due to the unfortunate Covid-19 situation. This season has been a rollercoaster ride that started on top and that was heading towards being a dominate year, but due to the lan event cancellations and everything transitioning from global to regional based leaderboards and lan events to be hosted online, then we lost part of the advantage over our competitors, but we’ll just have to make up for that next season! Overall I’ve been super pleased with the teams performance and I’m looking forward to keep being part of the Challengers system.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity

With a total of $200,000 to play for, the team kickstarted the event by taking back-to-back-to-back 3-0 results against fairly strong opponents. Taking down ClutchRayn Esport, Mazer Gaming and Cowana Gaming, vibes were high going into our last game of the day against a strong BDS Esport roster.

With the whole team frying and causing havoc, we took the early advantage and took the first and second map. As the series progressed, BDS started to find a rhythm and it wasn’t until the Domination for them to start causing problems for us. Having been down 30 points after the first half, we would have to dig deep in the second half to bring the score back. Unfortunately, after our best efforts, we just fell short. Ramazza Hardpoint was next. The level of performance rose back to the standards of Map 1 as we started very bright causing BDS into forced errors. Going into the second rotation, we found ourselves with a 100 second lead, which slowly deteriorated when BDS linked 3 hardpoints back to back. With 10 seconds now between both teams, Chain flipped the switch and ended up finishing 36/19. A very strong performance from the whole squad saw us progress into the Winners Final and make yet another Championship Sunday.

First game of the day, we matched against Team WaR. After many battles with Team WaR, now was the time to cement dominance over our opponents and book our tickets into the Grand Final.

Looking the better team throughout the series and multiple three-pieces from Bidz in map 4, we took the series 3-1 and guaranteed ourselves in the favoured position to take the Championship.

“The weekend of the EU play offs was the best we looked since being back in EU, so many maps that could have gone either way with little things standing in the way but we performed good and it’s just a shame they didn’t go in our favour. The season was a great season for us. Winning the biggest AM event ever to start it then making it two in a row a few weeks later…. then dominating for NA Online scene during the start of the pandemic. A year I’ll never forget”

Luke “Bidz” Biddle, Player, Team Singularity Call of Duty

Waiting roughly 5 hours for the other matches to take place, we saw ourselves in a rematch against Team WaR. Both teams have competed for that #1 spot all year and arguably both teams deserved to play in the final. Not looking as sharp as we did in the Winners Final, we saw ourselves getting pegged back a series, and was going the distance. WaR with the momentum behind them, dominated the respawns in this rematch and saw us take defeat as we had unfortunately lost both series and took second place.

“I feel like we started the year out very strong, winning the biggest LAN event of the year, and then going Back to Back in London a couple weeks after, we then got 2nd at the final two events of the year, leaving us having made every LAN grand finals this year, we also had a dominant streak in the NA challengers scene, and finished out the year strong having a few good back and forth series with Team WaR”

Jed “detain” Mulcahy, Player, Team Singularity Call of Duty

Not the result anyone wanted, but a proud moment after everything that team has been through and accomplished this year. Taking the very first event and continuously placing top 1 / 2 at events, the team proved a lot of people wrong thinking Black Ops 4 Champs was a fluke. It would have been great to see the team perform on stage but we will accept defeat as we now prepare for off-season and start planning for the next season.

”SNG is easily the best org I have been a part of to date Atle and every staff member involved made it feel like home at all times.”

Sam “Fenix” Spencer, Coach, Team Singularity Call of Duty

“The season for me has been a rollercoaster of emotions, starting the season feeling invincible to ending the season like it did definitely hit home differently. However it’s definitely a season I cannot sit and complain about. A big thank you to the SNG fans who followed us through thick and thin! You guys definitely helped us through the tough times but we shall be back next season.”

Jamie “Insight” Craven, Player, Team Singularity Call of Duty

Thank you to every single individual that supported the team and us along the way. It has been one hell of a ride with mixed emotions but that is expected when you have a championship challenging team. We look forward to seeing you continue your support next year.

Report made by Curt Bottomley, Senior manager, Team Singularity


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