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CoD Cold War Release Expectations

POSTED BY Grauling October 3, 2020

“As of now, we have our 2021 season team planned but it could still change but I’m looking forward to running it up with a few familiar faces and new ones. We want to dominate all year and not just the start, we just need to make sure we do not get complacent and keep to ourselves again. Our main goal is to keep growing the Singularity name more and show that we are all worthy of a chance to compete in the pro league next season. I am excited to get started with Cold War as the Alpha was a lot of fun, and feels more suited for my playing style and as we are moving back to 4v4, I cannot wait to continue the grind and make a statement.”

Luke “Bidz” Biddle

“With the Cold War season almost upon us, it is with great relief to watch us compete again in a Treyarch game. With the potential that our team showed at the start of last year, I am excited to see how well we take off this year. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, the events will all be online but I know we will be better prepared as we started to pick up form towards the end of last season. With our roster still being completed, it will be a new experience for some of the top talent in Europe, as they will join the ever-growing #SNGARMY. The support the team was shown last year was immense, and we cannot wait to share our victories with you.”

Curtis Bottomley

See you on our playground on the 13th November.