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COD Mobile Roster Update

POSTED BY Grauling August 11, 2020

We just qualified for Stage 4 of the Championship and shown a lot of improvement in a very short amount of time. Out of all the qualified teams for Stage 4, we have proven to be the best phone team. We have beaten teams in the past few weeks since the switch to phones due to our players practicing many hours in order to excel on phone. We finished fourth in both Zenith Tournament and Matrix tournamen. We are currently playing in the Xenom Cup where we went 3-0 in the group stage and are starting bracket play very soon. Overall, we are very happy with our members who just switched to phone, they have been showing great progress and we cannot wait to show the world who we are at LAN!


  • Leader: Hakan “SlayeR” Yigit
  • Player: Tianlong “Head4death” Le Montreer
  • Player: (Daniel “Neax” K
  • Player: Jon “YahyaDog” Alfred
  • Player: Lasperhey “Miney” Lorenzo
  • Player: Yunus “Iceblok” Coskun

“I personally believe we are the best European team in Stage 4 and have a strong chance of winning it all in the final stage. I am very proud of the progress our players have made on phone!”

John “Guns”, Team Manager

“I’m very proud of the team that they’re improving very fast on phone. I thought it would be harder work than expected but they are improving very fast. Proud of their performance and dedication, I hope we’ll go all the way to the final stage!”

Hakan “SlayeR”, Team Leader