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Copenhagen Games here we come!

POSTED BY Grauling April 14, 2019

Starting April 18th we will have 3 teams attending the Copenhagen Games! Our main CS:GO team and Swedish Academy will be competing in the BYOC Qualifier for the main event, whilst the CS:GO Female team will take on the female tournament.

“Copenhagen Games have always been a tournament where Singularity left their mark! From winning the main event in 2017 to taking the CS:GO Ladies trophy in 2018; I am looking forward to watch our teams compete and exceed expectations! Hopefully everyone is going to be motivated to give their best shot and take on some of the best teams in the competition!”

Atle S. Stehouwer

“First off, we’re really excited to play against European teams once again. They all have really unique ways of playing the game and utilizing their grenades. It’s a really nice change of pace from NA where everyone just tries to take aim duels. Our team is feeling really good going into the event, and we have some pretty strong maps in our pool. Alan is blending in nicely personality-wise, and we’re all happy to be working with him on improving, he brings a lot of new ideas to the table. Personally I think this event will help us improve so much, and I’m excited to see how well we can perform in the next season of MDL!”

Cameron “Hydrex” Kern