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CS:GO Female Roster

POSTED BY Grauling January 16, 2020

We would like to announce the signing of our Female CS:GO team! Roster:

  • Matilde “Mattye” Wiik
  • Anne “Lowlita” Starke
  • Marita Siljan “Minnie” Sørensen
  • Aurora “Aurora” Lyngdal
  • Esmee “Psycho” Jasmine Pauw

“We are super excited to join Team Singularity as one of their CS:GO teams. We have a lineup full of potential and cannot wait to show it in all upcoming leagues, tournaments and qualifiers. I am really confident that it’s going to be a great cooperation with Team Singularity and that we will make 2020 a successful year for all of us!”

Anne “Lowlita” Starke

“Last year was rough with so many changes and uncertainty in terms of the team but I am super happy to start this year off by representing Singularity with a great lineup! We are very motivated and cannot wait to prove ourselves at future events and we’re hoping there will be many in 2020!”

Aurora “Aurora” Lyngdal

“I’m thrilled to once again have a CS:GO female team representing the Team Singularity banner, and I’m looking forward to assist them in their journey towards the top this year. I have been looking for the right match in team and ambitions for a while, and after some good talks during the last months of 2019 with the team, then I feel confident stating that this is the perfect match and I’m very much looking forward to help the girls achieve their goals both on and off the server.“

Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO, Team Singularity