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CWL Fort Worth Report

POSTED BY Grauling March 23, 2019

From March 15th – 17th our Call of Duty team attended the Open Bracket of the CWL Fort Worth! Going in the tournament the boys faced SGN Superior in Round 4 and InC in Round 5 both series ending 2-1 in our favor. In round 6 we faced one of the toughest opponents in the tournament, Faze Black. After some close maps that we were not able to close, Faze took the series 3-0 and ended up winning the tournament.

In the Lower Bracket luck was not on our side as we met the #1 seed “Team Sween”. We went head to head with them on all 3 maps but unfortunately, we fell short, 0-3. The team ended their run on the 9th spot, earning 2000$ and 1,100 pro points.

“Going into CWL Fort Worth I was confident in the team to do well even though we did not have a lot of practice with Genesis and were relying on our individual talent quite a lot. We didn’t really have a good match up until winners round 6 vs InControl and we took that match 2-1 losing search and destroy, the mode we failed to practice in the buildup due to the short amount of time before leaving. We then went into the match vs Faze Black, we were all confident and it showed at the start. We went 242-156 up and ended up losing the map 250-249, it hurt and it really showed in the rest of the game as we lost 3-0. I honestly think we would have taken them down if we won that map but we will have to wait for that chance again in CWL London in a months’ time.”

Luke bidz

“Expectations were pretty high going into CWL Fort Worth as we have a very talented team with a lot of potential. I think it’s safe to say that until the Faze Black series the boys where indeed showing what they’re capable of. Unfortunately losing the first map in that manner impacted the boys mental and they were never able to bounce back from it. Needles to say, we lost against 2 of the best teams in the tournament so I think that served as great practice for the team. With more time and work put in their craft I am confident that the team will produce some upsets in CWL London”

Atle Stehouwer