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CWL Las Vegas

POSTED BY Grauling December 9, 2018

In start December 2018 we travelled for CWL’s new season kickoff in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino together with the newly signed team consisting of four of the best players in Denmark together with Rowen “Lucidical” Maagendans from the Netherlands, who won Copenhagen Games 2018 together with Singularity and Oliver “Ohmsen” Buch Ohmsen.

The squad sadly disappointed and was eliminated in round 7 of the Open bracket.

SNG Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 roster:
Jonas “Jambino” Brandholt Christiansen

Tobias “CleanX” Juul Jønsson

Oliver “Ohmsen” Buch Ohmsen

Mathias “StiflaaR” Storgaard Møller

Rowen “Lucidical” Maagendans

The disappointing result will probably have some consequences going forward, but we’ll keep you updated!

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